Every since I was a little girl, I would listen to my Grandma M. predict the severity of Winter weather by looking at the color of a Woolly Worm. She swore that the worms, that make their appearance in the Fall, let us know through nature what we can expect when cold weather hits. This is a woman who carried a rabbits foot, she caught, as a good luck charm.

There was a lot she taught me about life by looking at the nature that surrounded me. She taught me how to feel and smell rain coming. she taught me how to look at the colors of clouds in the sunsets to know if we needed to close our windows for rain. These were the ways of the Indians, she would say. Signs in nature that were passed down to help us know how to prepare for the night, day, or season. Grandma loved it when her predictions were right and the weather persons was wrong. She would say, See? I told you. with a wicked, beautiful smile on her face.

The Woolly Worm Winter prediction was something she looked forward to every year.

I saw my first one, of the season, today. (Oct.6th) Let's see what Winter 2020 hold for us according to the mighty and fuzzy Woolly Worm.

Leslie Morgan
Leslie Morgan

Ok, it’s ALL black. What does that mean?

According to weather.gov. -

According to folklore, the amount of black on the woolly bear in autumn varies proportionately with the severity of the coming winter in the locality where the caterpillar is found. The longer the woolly bear's black bands, the longer, colder, snowier, and more severe the winter will be.

I guess one long black band, with NO other color, means a really bad Winter. Great, that's all we need. Well, that’s right on par for 2020. Am I right?!?!

Fasten your seat belts, looks like we aren't done with the awful that is 2020 yet!

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