I know that most people have unwritten rules and traditions on when to put up decorations for certain holidays. But when should you take them down?


The 'unwritten rule' in my family is that you take down holiday decorations one to two weeks after said holiday. Like, we don't plan a "take down the decorations day" and put it on the calendar. You just take them down whenever you get the chance to do so, after said holiday has passed.



(According to my cat though, the Christmas tree MUST come down at LEAST 3 times DURING the Christmas season.)



Now, I understand that people who put up Christmas lights on their houses just keep those lights up year round because it's a bitch and a half to take down. So, you just keep them up but never turn them on until that holiday rolls around again. I think that's the only exception to not taking down holiday decorations.



But how long is too long to keep up holiday decorations?



I ask this because every day when I drive to and from work I pass not one, but two houses that still have holiday decorations up. And by 'holiday' I mean HALLOWEEN. They still have HALLOWEEN stuff on their porches.



Now, Halloween is my favorite holiday...but this still bugs me. I'm all about "a place for everything and everything in it's place." You know where your skeleton's place is? Not hanging in a tree in MARCH.



And it's not like these decorations are in a place that you can just "miss" and not notice. They didn't just forget they still had these up. These decorations are by their front door or hanging by their cars. They literally walk by them every day.



Also, it's not a bunch of decorations either. They don't have a fake grave yard or window clings and scarecrows everywhere. It's just one thing. ONE. FREAKING. THING. Just hanging there. Taunting me. Every day. Just grab it when you come home from work! Or when you go out to get the mail! HOW HARD IS IT TO TAKE DOWN ONE DECORATION??



Am I being over dramatic about this? Should this not bug me as much as it does? Or is me being so bothered by this that I had to write a blog about it justified?


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