In a word, actually two words, not well. It should come as no surprise that Ryan and I did a crappy job picking winners for the UFC Fight Night event over the weekend.

We tried a new method for our picks this time around. Instead of actually trying to come up with an educated decision based on records, past fights, styles, age, etc - we just said the first thing that came to our mind. No preparation, no nothing...just who we thought would win and how. The way we saw it was that we couldn't do any worse than our previous picks. We were wrong though. I think we did, in fact, do worse than before.

Remember, we have a chance to score 2 points per fight - one point for the correct winner and one point for the correct method.

Check out the results below.

Bryan Caraway Defeated Erik Perez by Submission

--Ryan's pick: Perez by submission = 0 points
--My pick:  Caraway by decision = 1 point

Piotr Hallmann Defeated Yves Edwards by Submission

--Ryan's pick: Edwards by decision = 0 points
--My pick: Edwards by submission = 0 points

Rafael dos Anjos Defeated Jason High by TKO

--Ryan's pick: High by knockout = 0 points
--My pick: Rafael dos Anjos by decision = 1 point

John Dodson Defeated John Moraga by TKO

--Ryan's pick: Dodson by submission = 1 point
--My pick: Moraga by knockout = 0 points

Diego Sanchez Defeated Ross Pearson by Decision

--Ryan's pick: Sanchez by knockout = 0 points
--My pick: Sanchez by knockout = 0 points

Benson Henderson Defeated Rustam Khabilov by Submission

--Ryan's pick: Henderson by submission = 2 points
--My pick: Khabilov by decision = 0 points

Grand Totals

Ryan: 4 out of 12 points = 33%
Me: 3 out of 12 points = 25%

We're gonna give it another try later this week as we take a look at the card for UFC 174 this Saturday night on pay-per-view.