Drug-sniffing dogs fascinate me, and not just because of how good they are out at using that honker of theirs to help the police make arrests. I'm also captivated by how focused they are when they catch the scent.


Of course, we all know dogs will always be better than we humans when it comes to even the faintest of aromas, but police dogs are just a cut above. I mean, they're trained that way. But suppose there is something that neither you nor I believe could possibly have a scent. Like, for example--and this is going to sound nuts--an IDEA. Go with me on this.

The Kentucky State Police have a dog that can sniff out cybercriminals. Essentially, that would be the same as the pooch being able to tell what you're thinking by sniffing the air. So how in the world can this happen?


If May could talk, May would tell us. But all she can do is bark...and help Kentucky state troopers immeasurably by helping them locate cybercriminals. May--and I can't tell determine her breed--is an "Electronic Crime K9 and Kentucky's first Electronic Storage Devise (ESD) Detection K9."  Here's how she does her very important work.

According to the Kentucky State Police Foundation:

"Her role is to assist in rescue efforts of children that are victims of human trafficking by locating hidden electronic storage devices such as hard drives, USB drives and cell phones that may contain criminal activity, such as child sexual abuse material. She's also a comfort dog in various situations. So we LOVE this sweet lady!"


And by the way, May didn't win the Burt's Bees jackpot; she's surrounded by an auction item, many more of which will go toward the Kentucky State Police Foundation.

In fact, May looks like she's wondering what in the world she's doing surrounded by all that swag when she's probably awaiting her next assignment.

I guess at the Kentucky State Police Foundation, every day is May Day.

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