Evansville's Horror Con will return in 2024, and it is expanding to Nashville too!

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Evansville Horror Con

Evansville's first-ever horror convention took place in March of 2023, and if you missed it, there's good news it'll be back in 2024!   The folks who put on Evansville's Raptor Con brought Evansville's inaugural Horror Con to life back in March.

As a huge horror fan myself, I was super excited to learn that Evansville was finally going to be home to a convention that centered on all things strange and unusual.  I ended up going to Horror Con both days and had a lot of fun.  There were so many incredible local vendors selling some unique items. I picked up a classic horror-themed backpack from the Tri-State's own Karloff's Kreations, a stained glass bat from Chick With an Edge, and plenty of other spooky goodies!  We even got a photo with Slimer!


Horror Con
Horror Con

Evansville Horror Con had everything too, from celebrity guests to vendors selling all kinds of cool spooky stuff, to authors, special effects makeup, prop building classes and more.  Basically, if you wanted gear repping your favorite horror movies, or wanted to learn how that special effect was created, Evansville Horror Con had it.

Horror Con Expands 

After a massively successful Horror Con last month,  the announcement was made that Evansville Horror Con was expanding to Nashville.  The Nashville dates will be in addition to the Evansville dates, so no worries, Horror Con will still be alive and well in Evansville in 2024.


When is Horror Con 2024?

I'm so glad you asked, Horror Con 2024 will take place in Evansville on March 2nd-3rd 2024, and the Nashville Horror Con will take place July 20-21 2024.  To stay up to date with all of the Horror Con happenings for 2024, you can keep up with them on Facebook, here.

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