The Indiana Department of Health released a call to action. The state is seeking college students and other individuals who are interested in working various jobs related both directly and indirectly to Covid-19. The coronavirus continues to spread across the country and the Hoosier state and the demand for people to help is growing.

There are a number of positions that the Indiana Department of Health and the state of Indiana are looking to hire. According to the call to action, some of the types of positions include: "substitute teaching, registering individuals for COVID testing/vaccination, making calls for contact tracing, transporting nursing home patients from their room to the cafeteria." The hope is that those who sign up will be able to reinforce the state's Covid-19 response. They say, they are looking for people to "Rise Up, Respond and Reinforce."

If you're interested, there are a number of questions that you'll need to answer on the form, including which county you reside and your current Covid-19 status as well your availability and level of interest in various areas of need. To fill out the form, you can visit here. Once your application is complete, it will be reviewed and when a need for your help comes about, your information will be passed on to the necessary parties and you'll be notified of the opportunity as well.

If you are a healthcare professional, a retired healthcare professional or a health professional student, there is a different form that you're asked to fill out if you would like to help.

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