These are tough times but we will persevere. Hollywood Undead know a little something about that and have turned that feeling into a new song. "Gonna Be Ok" is the latest single from the upcoming New Empire, Vol. 2 and can be heard in the player below.

The song was produced by Matt Good and features the crushing aggression we've come to love from Hollywood Undead. In fact, the edge of the song lends a little extra push to the motivational lyrics.

Johnny 3 Tears shares, "'Gonna Be Ok' is about that precarious place we sometimes find ourselves, the brink between salvation and sanity and our desperate plea to ourselves that everything will be alright."

It's been a busy year for Hollywood Undead who released New Empire, Vol. 1 in the first half of 2020 and they're now looking ahead to the companion follow-up. So far this second half has given us the singles "Idol," "Coming Home" and "Heart of a Champion," with the latter track featuring assists from Papa Roach's Jacoby Shaddix and Ice Nine Kills' Spencer Charnas.

Speaking about their forthcoming release, Johnny 3 Tears adds, "New Empire began with the deconstruction of the society we live in today, taking it apart piece by piece. New Empire will end with reimagining a new world. The bell will be tolled signaling the end and ultimately the beginning of a brave new world."

You can pre-save New Empire, Vol. 2 at this location and pick up the new song "Gonna Be Ok" right here. Check out the lyrics and the new song below.

Johnny 3 Tears

Introspection, yeah. Is the mother of invention and not to mention, yeah. Here is your lesson, time to pay attention. Im on one side you’re on the other, everyone in the middle is gonna to suffer. I refuse to get too used to living a life that does not move you.

Charlie Scene

I’m gonna be be OK, I’m gonna be be OK


When the world is out of focus and looking kinda hopeless I like to Sit alone with my brain and provoke it I’m gonna be OK. I’m gonna be OK


They say I live in the slums, they say I live by the gun. I love the smoke as it fills up my lungs, I may be lost but I follow the drums. Cuz everyone’s got something to say, they don’t care if you’re going the wrong way. Will I be safe if I preach or I pray? If the smile ain’t real then I’ll put on a fake

Charlie Scene

I’m gonna be be OK, I’m gonna be be OK


When the world’s out of focus and looking kind of hopeless I like to sit alone with my brain and provoke it I’m going to be OK. I’m going to be OK

Charlie Scene / J-Dog

I’m going to be OK....I’m going to be OK...I’m going to be oh fucking-Kay!

Hollywood Undead, "Gonna Be Ok"

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