Core to Hollywood Undead's style is a mix of rock and hip-hop. Many of their tracks blend the two at will, building a unique kind of rap-rock that feels extremely contemporary and exciting. Sometimes though, they'll keep things to their essentials, as they have for new song "Black Cadillac" off their most recent full-length album Five. They're not at it by themselves though, having enlisted B-Real of Cypress Hill and Prophets of Rage.

Charlie Scene takes center stage in the video, as he and the crew ride in the eponymous black Cadillac. He fires off strings of furious bars, threatening anyone who might not be down with the group. B-Real takes his verse as an opportunity to have fun with the song, his lyrics a lot closer to his time in Cypress Hill than with the more political leanings of the Prophets. Still, he takes it seriously, resulting in a great moment.

“We haven't done a straight up hip-hop song like this in a while so this one made sense and we got B-Real on it who we all grew up listening to. It was an honor to have him participate,” said Hollywood Undead's J-Dog. "Filming the video was a b-tch! Brian Cox had to find a black cadillac in nowhere Minnesota; then we filmed shots in The Rave in Milwaukee, at a cemetery in Pennsylvania and on a green screen in Calgary, Canada. But it was all worth it."

In our recent interview with Hollywood Undead's Johnny 3 Tears, he recalled getting B-Real on their new album. "He has a podcast," explained the musician. "We'd done a show maybe four years ago and we talked about it but we weren't exactly sober, as you know. If you're on B-Real's show, you're probably not. We kind of let it go, we forgot. And then they came in on the cycle and he was free and he wanted to do it and we were super stoked to have him and it's definitely one of those surreal things. There's not a lot of people I would want on a song outside of him that we could have gotten. Obviously, the honor was all ours."

Watch "Black Cadillac" above. Hollywood Undead's Five landed on our top hard rock albums of 2017, which you can check out below.

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