Did this Summer fly by for anyone else??
It's that time of year! Back to school time, and Holiday World is now closed through the week.  Yesterday August 8th was their last weekday until 2019.  Is it just me, or has Summer FLOWN by this year??  I feel like I was just talking about Holiday World's 2018 opening date, and here we are at the end of the Summer!

Photo Credit: Ryan O'Brian
Photo Credit: Ryan O'Brian

Well not really the end, we've still got well over a month left in the season of Summer, but you know what I mean.  With school back in session, Holiday World is going to weekends only for the remainder of their season.

They'll be open again this Saturday (8/11) from 10A-10P and Splashin' Safari will be open 11A-8P and on this Sunday (8/12) from 10A-7P and Splashin' Safari from 11A-6P.  They'll be open weekends from here on out for 2018, Splashin' Safari is open until September 15th, and then the weekends after that Holiday World will start their Happy Halloween Weekends!

So there's still plenty of time to enjoy Holiday World and splashin' safari this year, you'll just have to make sure it's on a weekend until next season! Here's their schedule so you can check the times and dates you want to go!

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