The room is for children or adults experiencing sensory overload.

Most people on the autism spectrum have a sensory overload problem. Sometimes sounds, sights, and being surrounded by a large group of people can become overwhelming. So it's very helpful to have a place to just decompress for a minute. As an adult, sometimes you can remove yourself from a situation yourself and try to find a place to relax for a hot second.

Children, on the other hand, experience this differently. Some adults experiencing sensory overload can sometimes know that they need to leave a situation. Children don't. They get scared, which makes the sensory overload worse. Which is when the a freak out occurs.

So a 'Calming Room' is ideal for these situations. It removes the child from the overwhelming situation and puts them in a calm and quiet environment.

But, while the room looks like it's catered to children, it is also for adults with special needs as well.

You can rent this room for 30 minutes at a time for a break for your child, your friend, or for yourself.

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