The Holiday Drive-In is a Tristate staple of summer! When they open up for the season it's like a beacon of hope that the cold, dreary days are behind us. Originally scheduled to open for the season on April 6th, the fields were too wet and they had to postpone the season opening. They will opening this weekend! Friday, April 13th you can choose between two double features up on the big screens. You could watch Rampage and Ready Player One or you could watch Truth or Dare and Blockers! Either screen you choose is going to be a winner. Of course one of the biggest treats of visiting the Holiday Drive-In is paying a visit to the concessions booth and getting some popcorn. For me, the best way to enjoy the drive-in is in the bed of the truck with a ton of blankets! However you like to do it, get to Rockport, IN this weekend!



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