July 16th is known as Hocus Pocus Day, because it was released on July 16th 1993. That makes it 27 years since Hocus pocus was first released.

Did you know, before Hocus Pocus became the Halloween classic that it is today, it was actually a box office flop?  According to E Online, when Hocus Pocus hit theaters it got bad reviews from critics (ugh, clearly they don't understand good cinema) and it only generated $39.5 million at the box office, which is low for a Disney flick. It also didn't do the film any favors that they released a Halloween-centric film in July.   Hocus Pocus also began as a bedtime story that one of the co-writers of the film would tell his daughters each night before bed.

Years later Hocus Pocus began airing on TV, and that's really when the movie blew up in popularity. I grew up in the 90's so I remember every October watching the spooky movies that aired on ABC and Disney Channel.  Hocus Pocus was always my favorite! I'm sure social media has helped the film live on as well. I see Hocus Pocus memes shared all the time, but especially around Halloween time. The film has morphed into somewhat of a cult classic.  I think tonight I'll celebrate Halloween in July by lighting a Fall scented candle and watching Hocus pocus!


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