Two things happened this weekend with UFC 162, one expected and one unexpected. The unexpected was Anderson Silva getting knocked out by Chris Weidman…the expected was that my pick was once again wrong.

While I am not entirely surprised that Weidman won, I honestly didn’t expect him to knock out the former champ. If you read my preview, you know that I actually picked Silva to win by KO. And while many fighters and experts predicted Weidman would win, this is still one of the greatest upsets in UFC history.

Reactions to this upset have been rampant all over the internet this week. Even Adolf Hitler has a reaction video! Mr. Hitler was, apparently, one of many who thought Silva would just walk right through Weidman. As you’ll see, he was none too pleased to hear of the upset. I need to thank UFC fighter (one of my favorites) Joe Lauzon for sharing this video on his Facebook page.

You may have seen one of Hitler’s reaction videos in the past. There is one particular scene that has been used for a number of different situations. I was super excited to see that a different scene, from the same movie, was used for this particular reaction. The captions and the timing in this video are just perfect, and brilliant. One thing I also appreciate is the fact that they actually reference getting online to see if someone has made a “Hitler” video yet. You’ve got to see this!

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