A historic house is hosting spooky tours.

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The Lotz House Museum

Located in Franklin, Tennessee sits an old house that is on the National Historic Register.  The Lotz House was actually the epicenter of the Battle of Franklin in 1864, so as you can imagine if these walls could talk, they would have a lot to say.  Here is what Trip Advisor has to say about the historic Lotz House:

The compelling story of the times, the family, and the fine antiques of the Civil War era. The Lotz House, which has been on the National Historic Register since 1976, is located in the heart of downtown historic Franklin, Tennessee, at “the epicenter” of the Battle of Franklin, which was a pivotal battle of the Civil War on November 30, 1864. The House was the most heavily damaged structure on the Franklin battlefield. Walk in to witness the damage from the cannon balls that crash through the house and numerous bloodstains on all the floors. Plus on this tour, your will learn about the family, the Master Wood Worker who built the home by himself, how the family survived and how the bloody battle affected them for the balance of their lives!

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Lotz House Ghost Tours

With a history dating back to the 1800s, and even a battle taking place on the property, there are bound to be stories of strange happenings.  According to the Lotz House Museum website, you can take a step back in time and maybe come face to face with some past residents of the Lotz House with their ghost tours.


The ghost tours take place in the evening, and on the tour will get to explore the Lotz House, while learning about strange occurrences.

Specially offered evening tour, take a chance to experience the spirits and other unexplained phenomenon that are said to haunt the historic home.

If you want to take a ghost tour of the Lotz House, you can find all of the tour options and information, here.

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