ESPN2 became ESPN8 The Ocho for the 2nd year in a row for 24 hours, and yet again, it did not disappoint.

Last year, ESPN2 became ESPN8 The Ocho for 24 hours. Showing you sports and games you'd not normally see on television. And honestly, sports you probably had never even heard of. Some are specialty games like the Moxie Games, where they just combine a bunch of sports and you think "There's no way that's a thing..." Well they made it a thing and it was on the Ocho.

As I watched the Ocho yesterday, there were some sports and events where I thought to myself "Are there even spectators there for this event? I don't hear a lot of cheering" ...And then there was darts...

To the joy of nerd everywhere, there were also lightsaber battles.

Rock, paper, scissors is apparently a very serious sport.

Headis. It's table tennis, but with your head. (Also, check out those names!)

Pool trick shots got intense.

And no one knew what Kabaddi was but they sure did enjoy the heck out of it.

There were also events like Chess Boxing, Spikeball, Cornhole, Sumo Wrestling, and they ended the day with the Dodgeball World Cup at Madison Square Garden.

And if you REALLY want to watch the whole tournament, it's all on youtube.

I really hope they bring the Ocho back for a third year in 2019, because it is a DELIGHT.

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