The Highland Baseball Challenger League is, without question, a shining star in Evansville and southern Indiana. The league deserves all of the accolades they receive, and more!

The Challenger League is a part of the Highland Baseball Club on Evansville's north side that "serves youth ages 3 – 18 with physical and intellectual challenges." With the help of amazing community volunteers, every player at the Challenger League is able to take the field and experience the pure joy of playing America's pastime. It quickly becomes obvious to anyone that attends a Challenger League game, how important it is, not only to the players and their families, but to the league organizers, the volunteers, and the city of Evansville. And it's those overwhelming feelings that made the decision to cancel the spring league even more difficult.

Our buddy Matt Pokorney is the president of the Challenger League, and you can imagine how upset he is right now. I asked him to tell me about the decision to cancel the league. He says...

It is, by far, the toughest decision we have ever made within the league.  Taking away the joy of the game from these children is unfair, but we felt necessary under the circumstances. Our number one priority is to keep the challenger All-Stars safe while in our care. We take every precaution to do this under normal conditions.  We look forward to seeing the kids and families in the Fall season. We will do our very best to make this Fall the best season we have ever had at Challenger League baseball.

Let's hope the league is able to get together and play this fall, and I hope you're able to attend a game. I feel confident in saying that your cheeks will hurt when you leave, and you will want more.

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