Who wouldn't love a $50 gift card to Prime Time Pub & Grill in Newburgh?!

We've all been doing a lot more cooking at home thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic and we thought we'd give you a break and give you the chance to enjoy a meal without having to cook it yourself. You can even eat in the restaurant if you want since Indiana is now in it's fourth phase of Governor Holcolm's reopening plan through July 3rd. Under phase 4, restaurants can now be open at 75% capacity as long as safe social distancing is observed. If you're not comfortable going out to eat in a sit-down environment yet, you could always use the $50 gift card to get your dinner to go.

If you've never eaten at Prime Time Pub & Grill on Bell Oaks Drive in Newburgh, you're missing out. The food and service have always been excellent every time Shawn & I have been in to eat and once they have the opportunity to reopen to regular capacity, July 4th, they will once again be hosting live music from local favorites like the Honey Vines, Angel Rhoades, Tim Ash and more on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Plus they'll be hosting trivia night on Tuesdays and Music Bingo on Mondays. It's really just a great place to sit down and enjoy a meal with family or friends.

So how do you win a $50 gift card to have dinner on us? Hop on the Facebook post below and leave a comment with a screenshot of your phone showing us you have the free GBF mobile app. If you don't have it yet, download it now here. You can even leave a 2nd comment telling us your favorite feature in the app to get a bonus entry. We'll select a winner at random on Friday, June 26th.


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