It may be January, but in the coming months it'll start warming up, and we'll see Spring again. We'll also see high school seniors start getting their senior photos done.  If you're looking for cool locations to get photos taken, whether its senior photos, family photos, or stepping up your Instagram game, this map will definitely help you out.

The Growth Alliance for Greater Evansville put together an interactive Google map that shows several murals around the city.  The map tells you where each mural is located and what's on them.  Of course downtown off the Main Street walkway there's the Self.e Alley which has an Evansville mural and a neon style mural next to it. In fact remember when we used to have concerts and fun events?  Good times right?  Well Savagae After Midnight stopped by the GBF studio so we all walked over to Self.e Alley to grab this photo:

103 GBF
103 GBF

But there's plenty of awesome murals around town that make the perfect photo-ops, check out the map linked here, or below.  You'll see we have several cool murals around town, and I have a feeling we're going to continue seeing more murals, which makes me happy. You can never have too much artwork around!


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