Ellis Park Horse Racing Track is celebrating its 100th season in 2022 with the return of a fan-favorite event.

Live racing at Ellis Park in Henderson kicks off its 100th season in July of 2022. The park has so much to offer visitors including racing, gaming, and dining. Throughout the season they host several special events. One event that everyone seems to love is the Weiner Dog races. What are Weiner Dog races? It's exactly what it sounds like...instead of horses racing on the track, local weiner dogs will show off their racing skills. It's adorable, entertaining, funny, and returning in 2022!

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Ellis Park announced the return of Weiner Dog Races for the 2022 season on Facebook earlier this week. Weiner Dog races at Ellis Park are fun for everyone in the entire family. The kids especially enjoy seeing them race. The park has been hosting these events each summer for several years now and it always brings out a good crowd. Not only for the sheer entertainment, but in years past, this event helps to raise funds for local animal shelters.

Typically local Dachshund owners can enter their dogs to be competitors in these races and Ellis Park Guests can place wagers on the Wiener Dog Races, with proceeds going back to local animal shelters. So not only is it entertaining, but these races also raise money for a great cause too.

Ellis Park said in the comments of the post above that the date for the Wiener Dog Races has not yet been decided. However, as soon as they pick a date, they will announce it along with other information about the Weiner Dog Races for 2022.

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