With Valentine's Day here, we all know that for most of us it means we can expect a little something extra and no, we aren't talking candy hearts here. It's sort of a given that on the day of hearts and flowers that you're significant other or your hook-up is going to put out on Valentine's Day but what about the rest of the year? If you're looking to score, it turns out that our friends across the Twin Bridges in Henderson may have an easier time of it than most.

According to the folks over at Road Snacks, who claim to have used some scientific data to determine the ranking, Henderson is #9 on their Top Ten Easiest Cities in Kentucky to Get Laid. They used some specific criteria like population density, percentage of unmarried people in each city & bars per capita - just to name a few. They then used that information to determine their Top 10. If you're keeping score, Owensboro also made the list, coming in at #5!

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