We all have that one friend who likes weird things. In my circle, I'm that friend. I find beauty in unusual places and consider things that some might find odd to be art. That's why I was so excited when I discovered Corkscrew Curiosities, inside The Elm in Henderson, Kentucky. It's the best place to find something that will make your mother uncomfortable the next time she comes to visit.

Corkscrew Curiosities
Corkscrew Curiosities via Facebook

I had the privilege's of hanging out at The Elm Consignments a few months ago when Brian Glick, owner of The Elm, told me about his storefront being an incubator of sorts to help other small businesses get started with retail space. One of those small business is Corkscrew Curiosities which opened their doors inside The Elm on Halloween 2020. The moment that I peeped inside this little space full of weird, wild wonders, I knew that I had to share it with you!

Corkscrew Curiosities is owned and operated by cousins Jasmine and Kyla who share a love of thrifting and treasure hunting thanks to the many adventures in they shared with their grandmother, Anna Jane Stanley. Not only did grandmother bestow a love of thrifting, picking and treasure hunting on her granddaughters, but it's her legacy that lends itself to the name of the business these young entrepreneurs share. Anna Jane once owned Corkscrew Deli at First and Main in downtown Henderson, just around the corner from where Corkscrew Curiosities can be found today. Jasmine and Kyla say it's their "dream to be just around the corner from our Nana's deli, carrying on her legacy of small business and treasure hunting."

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So now that you have a little background, you may be asking what exactly do they sell at Corkscrew Curiosities and that is a fair question but not one with an easy answer. If I told you that they sell curiosities and oddities, I'd be doing a disservice to what you might find but that's a good place to start. Looking for love letters from the 1930s? You can find them at Corkscrew Curiosities. How any ethically sourced wet specimens (deceased animals preserved in jars)? Yep. That too. You'll also find uranium glass, mounted insects, vintage medical equipment (oh, hello speculum!), X-rays, 1940s magazines and other ephemera as well as funerary items and even teeth. Keep scrolling to see some of the amazing things you can find at Corkscrew Curiosities located inside The Elm Consignments at 120 N Elm Street in downtown Henderson, Kentucky. You can also visit their Etsy shop. You can also find them on Facebook and TikTok too.

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