Wouldn't it be great if there was a convenient way to get from Franklin Street to Main Street to Haynie's Corner? TED: Trolley of Evansville Districts want to make that happen but they need your help!

The city of Evansville is full of creative and innovative people who are constantly looking for ways to build and improve our city and make it more fun! The city is also full of folks who recognize a great idea when they see it and will gladly crack open their wallets to help turn these ideas into realities. It's one of the things I love most about Evansville.



The Franklin Street Events Association, the Haynie's Corner Arts District, and the Growth Alliance for a Greater Evansville (G.A.G.E.) came up with this brilliant idea to create a mass transit to connect the three diverse cultural districts of Evansville together. Meet TED: Trolley of Evansville Districts. This concept has been approved for a matching grant, which means that to make it a reality, TED needs to raise $25,000 and then the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority's CreatINg Initiative to will match that $25,000 to fund the project.


This is where you come in by becoming a "friend of TED." MAKE A DONATION NOW to help make TED a reality for our cultural districts, our community and our visitors.



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