While most of us spent the Fourth of July showing off our backstroke in the pool and grillin’ burgers and dogs, supermodel and ‘Project Runway’ host Heidi Klum was laying out on the beach knockin’ back some brews. It was then she gave the world our favorite July 4th gift we’ve ever received: a tweeted photo of her new bikini body.

According to Heidi’s tweet, she thought the day was gorgeous. While we’re not going to argue about America’s b-day being beautiful, we think her view might’ve topped it. Check it out below.

Our only critique is her bikini’s not red, white and blue, nor does it have stars or stripes. It appears to be some sort of cavewoman-style animal print. Not very nationalistic, Heidi!

Also, it looks like she’s downing Heineken — which makes sense since it’s her homeland’s beer — but on this special day, you have to rock the patriotic-themed Bud or Miller High Life cans. Duh! (On a side note, how does Heineken not sign Heidi as a spokesperson? Heidi-ken beer? That’s a no-brainer.)

Just in case there were some more hot pics of Heidi lying around in the Twittersphere, we raided her account to find some other provocative pics and came away with a few gems.