(Hed) P.E. are building up to their latest studio album Sandmine and today they're teaming up with Loudwire to bring you the premiere of the new lyric video for the title track of their upcoming album.

"Sandmine" would feel just as at home in the nu metal era of the early 2000s as it does today, arriving with a subtle unnerving guitar line, then exploding into an aggressive anthem. Singer Jared Gomes paints the picture of facing adversity but having the strength and motivation within you to push forward through the hard times.

Gomes tells us, "'Sandmine' is a story about rising out of what seems to be inescapable surroundings against all fucking odds. It's a piece of non-fiction about not only trying, but about failing over and over. It's like the song says; I wanna live my dream, and if I fail, at least I can say I tried…"

The track was co-written by Gomes with producer/songwriter Remy Dovianus, who had been a lifelong (Hed) P.E. fan and recorded the guitar and bass in The Netherlands with a goal of harnessing the signature sound of the band's biggest albums. Drummer Jeremiah "Trauma" Stratton then laid down his drums with an emphasis complimenting the deep metallic grooves.

The track arrives with a new lyric video with artwork provided by Remy Dovianus and animation done by Eitan Melody from EITANS DESIGNS. You can check out the clip below.

As previously stated, "Sandmine" comes from the (Hed) P.E. album of the same name that is set to drop July 23 via Suburban Noize Records. Pre-order bundle options are available at this location.

Fans should look for (Hed) P.E. hitting the road on a headlining trek late next month. Dates kick off July 23 in Las Vegas with Dropout Kings providing support on the run. Tour stops can be found below.

(Hed) P.E., "Sandmine" + Lyrics

Batie! there’s only one way out...
Down in the sandmine
We turn blood into gold
If you only knew

Nothing is promised
Ciao cameroon
There’s only one way out
Hell run through morocco
Now we curse the sun
Back to the sahara

We all die alone
Nothing falls from heaven
No never
Lonely is the throne
Caught in the wire of the concertinas
On the road to melilla
Scars-blood on the razor
Scars-no! nothing can break ya now
I learned my lesson in massachusetts
Resurrection in vegas
Scars - lonely is the road
Scars - lonely is the throne
Down in the sandmine
It gets hard to believe
If you only knew
Nothing is promised
I don't want to say goodbye
There’s only one way out
I never learned how to swim
Still i made it to shore
Homeless in paris
Rise of the predator
I’ve left behind everything
Everyone i’ve ever known
Lonely is the throne
Caught in the wire of the concertinas...
Just one way, just one way out
I take your head off
Leave you on the ground

Just one way, just one way out
I take your head off
Erase all your doubts
I’m tired of just surviving

I want to live (my dream)
If i fail...at least i can say i tried
Down in the sandmine...
It gets hard to hold on
If you only knew
Nothing is promised
Cuz if it's me or you?
Then you goin' to sleep
There’s only one way out
(Let that shit ride)
I don't know where i’m goin'
But i cannot sit here and wait no mo
I’ve left behind everything
Everyone I've ever known
Lonely is the throne
Caught in the wire of the concertinas...

(Hed) P.E. 2021 U.S. Tour

July 23 - Las Vegas, Nev. @ Backstage Bar & Billiards
July 24 - Salt Lake City, Utah @ Liquid Joe's
July 25 - Grand Junction, Colo. @ Mesa Theatre
July 27 - Denver, Colo. @ Hermans Hideaway
July 28 - Lincoln, Neb. @ Royal Grove
July 29 - Janesville, Wis. @ Back Bar
July 30 - Joliet, Ill. @ The Forge
July 31 - Chersterfield, Mich. @ Diesel
Aug. 01 - Battle Creek, Mich. @ Music Factory
Aug. 03 - St. Louis, Mo. @ Red Flag
Aug. 04 - Kansasville, Wis. @ LIVE @ 1175
Aug. 05 - Hobart, Ind. @ Hobart Art Theater
Aug. 06 - Ft. Wayne, Ind. @ Rockstar Lounge
Aug. 07 - Cleveland, Ohio @ The Odeon
Aug. 08 - Columbus, Ohio @ King of Clubs
Aug. 10 - St. Joseph, Mo. @ Café Acoustic
Aug. 11 - Iowa City, Iowa @ Wildwood
Aug. 12 - Belvidere, Ill. @ Apollo Theater
Aug. 13 - Harrison, Ohio @ Blue Note
Aug. 14 - Indianapolis, Ind. @ Emerson Theater
Aug. 15 - Saginaw, Mich. @ The Vault
Aug. 18 - Virginia Beach, Va. @ Scandals Live
Aug. 19 - Jacksonville, N.C. @ Hooligans
Aug. 20 - Leesburg, Va. @ Tally HO
Aug. 21 - Clifton, N.J. @ Dingbatz
Aug. 22 - Rochester, N.Y. @ Montage Music Hall
Aug. 23 - Pittsburgh, Pa. @ Crafthouse
Aug. 24 - Altoona, Pa. @ McGarvey's
Aug. 25 - Binghamton, N.Y. @ The Cave
Aug. 26 - Chicopee, Mass. @ Geraldines
Aug. 27 - New Bedford, Mass. @ The Vault Music Hall
Aug. 28 - Frenchtown, N.J. @ Arties
Aug. 29 - Pipestem, W.V. @ Metal In The Mountains

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