In Mexico, you can have margaritas made in your mouth and catch women doing unspeakable things with donkeys. So its a no-brainier why the country may not be the best place to get an organ transplant.

Proving that the five-second rule can totally apply to organ transplants, a Mexican woman is doing remarkably well after the organ she received was dropped on the ground. The organ had been rushed to Mexico City by plane and helicopter, only to be spilled out of a cooler by two medics.

Luckily the actual organ never touched the ground, because it had been properly wrapped up inside the cooler. Which is pretty good in a country where people tell you not to drink the water (I also heard that you should eat the hot dogs at the airport either).

The four hour surgery was a success and the donation recipient is doing well. The 27 year old woman has no idea about heart fumble, and doctors are leaving it up to her family to break the news. I think April Fools would be a great day to do this, as long as she stays off the internet for awhile.

(The Guardian)