You know with this whole Covid-19 thing, life just feels more stressful than usual. We get it. We're feeling it too. We thought we'd help take some of the stress away. We have your chance to win two free sandwiches from Arby's. My personal favorite? The Half Pound Beef & Cheddar! Yes. It's a large sandwich but I have a large appetite, ok? Plus Arby's curly fries just make me happy.

Seriously though, this is the most low-stress meal ever. All you have to do is fill out the form below to be entered for the chance to win from 103 GBF and Arby's. If you're selected as one of our winners, you don't even have to come to the station to pick up your prize. We'll mail it to you!! See? Low stress! So consider this our "you're doing a great job surviving this weird world we're currently all living in" prize and enter for your chance to win below.

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