It's been dubbed one of the "most haunted places in America," Waverly Hills Sanatorium is located just a short drive from the Tri-State in Waverly Kentucky just outside of Louisville. The old tuberculosis hospital is well known for the paranormal activity that goes on, as well as the many ghost tours they host.

But who says the ghosts don't enjoy the holidays too? Waverly Hills is hosting a family friendly Christmas tour, that will highlight a friendlier side of Waverly Hills' history.  The tour will also include Christmas lights, and the jolly man in a red suit himself, Santa will stop by.

The Holiday tours offer opportunity to brave the cold and learn of the friendlier history of Waverly Hills suited for the whole family. Take photos and visit Santa, then go on to a mini-tour of the building. When Waverly opened one of the first parties were for Christmas. Over the years many were held and were highlights of the year for the staff and patients and all lives touched by Waverly. Take part in a chance have Waverly brighten your holidays and learn about Waverly while helping to restore it!

While the event is family friendly, we don’t recommend children under 7 for this event.

They have two times for the event, Saturday December 21st at 7PM and 8PM.  If you're interested, you can get more info, and purchase tickets, here.

Take a look at Waverly's haunted history in the video below:

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