Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, I think we can all agree that this time of year is the perfect time for a good ghost story - and that is what we have found in one Indiana cemetery.

In a small unincorporated community, just over an hour north of Indianapolis is where you will find what one team of paranormal investigators have described as "one of Indiana's most haunted" locations. We'll talk more about those claims in a minute but let's get some history on this little northern Indiana town, known as Jerome.

The community of Jerome is located in Howard Township in Howard County, Indiana. The nearest city of note is Kokomo, Indiana, just about ten miles away, and Jerome is considered to be part of the Kokomo metro, similar to the relationship between the community of Daylight, Indiana and Evansville.

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After a bit of Google-sleuthing, I have discovered that Howard County Indiana was once a land inhabited by several Native American tribes. According to the information I found from Indiana University,

The local Indian history of Howard county is confined chiefly to the three Algonquin tribes—the Delawares, Pottawottamies and Miamis. The Miamis held the territory south of the Wabash river from Ohio to Illinois, also a part of the territory north of the Wabash from the site of Peru eastward: the Pottawottamies the northwestern part of the state to the Wabash river, and the Delawares the territory along the White river: but on terms of friendship each used the territory of Howard county as hunting and fishing ground. The Delawares were once the most powerful of the Algonquins and dwelt along the Delaware river. They claimed that in the past they held an eminent position for antiquity, wisdom and valor.

Now I don't think any of us need a history lesson on things like ancient native burial grounds - I mean we've all seen Poltergeist, right? But let's get back to Jerome and particularly Jerome Cemetery, shall we?

Visitors Claim to Be Chased Out by 'Hell Hounds'

A group of Northern Indiana paranormal investigators who go by the name, GhoulyTV on social media, shared details about Jerome Cemetary and the hauntings that allegedly take place there. In an old post that has been making a resurgence on Facebook, GhoulyTV says that Jerome Cemetary has earned a place on the list of Indiana's most haunted cemeteries.

Every time someone investigates Jerome they have experiences in this exact location. Many people have claimed being attacked by an entity you can't even see and being chased out of this cemetery by "Hell Hounds". Definitely a place to check out if you are a skeptic and don't believe in ghosts.

Scrolling through the comments there are talks of people visiting the cemetery only to find when they are scared and try to leave that their vehicles won't start. Another commenter claims that they visited with brand new floodlights with brand new batteries that mysteriously quit working at the same time, leaving them standing in the darkness of an Indiana night.

Is it haunted? Are there 'Hell Hounds?' I cannot personally answer that but I can tell you that this little scaredy-Kat won't be checking it out any time soon! If you want to learn more, check out GhoulyTV on Facebook - they even offer a map of the cemetery detailing the area of highest activity. As for me, I'll just read about it from here.

[Source: Indiana University; GhoulyTV via Facebook]

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