Posey County, Indiana is being highlighted in an upcoming book all about the ghosts of PoCo!

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Who Doesn't Love a Ghost Story?

It's no secret that I love a good ghost story. Something about hearing the chilling tales of the past and the spirits that may have never left is so fascinating to me.  If there's a book about a haunted place, there's a really good chance I'm going to pick it up.  Now there's a new book coming out about a haunted place right here in the Tri-State.


Haunted Posey County

Haunted America is a series of books highlighting some of the spookiest places from all around the United States. There is a new Haunted America book coming out on September 5th called Haunted Posey County.

Amazon.com/Joni Mayhan
Amazon.com/Joni Mayhan

Haunted Posey County was written by Joni Mayhan who you may recognize as Joni hosts the New Harmony Ghost Walks and different paranormal investigations around New Harmony.  Here's what the Amazon page says about Haunted Posey County:

Posey County is a place where neighbors are friendly, the BBQ is good, and the blue skies are plentiful above checkerboard fields. It's also a place where the dead roam freely.

Ghosts linger in the basement of the Sheriff's Department, ready to jump out at unsuspecting correctional officers. Misty apparitions wander around a town once devastated by a tornado and can even be found in the brand-new Dollar General. The public library in Poseyville also has several librarian ghosts still hard at work keeping the library orderly.


Follow paranormal investigator Joni Mayhan as she delves into the darker side of this vibrant community and unearths its peculiar hauntings.

I am HERE for all things haunted around the Tri-State so I definitely can't wait to pick this book up.  If you're interested in pre-ordering the Haunted Posey County book, you can do so here.

Haunted Places in Indiana That You Can Visit

This map highlights haunted places in Indiana that you can visit! Here's a few of the places you can check out.

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