Supposedly one of the most haunted buildings in the world houses a haunted house attraction.

Aaron Savage, Townsquare Media

If you've lived around the Tri-State area long enough, chances are you've heard all about Waverly Hills Sanatorium.  It's located just outside of Lousiville and is just about a 2 hour drive from the Tri-State.  Each year they host tours and paranormal investigations as it has been called one of "the most haunted places in the world." In September they switch gears and turn the haunted sanatorium into a haunted house attraction to help raise money to preserve the historic building.

The numbers vary, but it's said that thousands died at Waverly Hills Sanatorium as it was originally a tuberculosis hospital.  After the tuberculosis epidemic was over, it was turned into a geriatric medical facility.  In 1981 Waverly Hills closed it's doors.  Now the Waverly Hills Historical Society works hard to help preserve the historic landmark, and by utilizing it's creepy history they're able to raise funds for their nonprofit which helps with the preservation of the building.

Now I'm going to be honest with you, I'm a massive chicken when it comes to haunted houses. I talk a big game, I love horror, Halloween is my favorite, but don't put me down for haunted houses. I think it's knowing someone is going to scare you, and having the anticipation that's scarier than anything.  I'll do ghost tours, and haunted history tours all day long, but don't put me down for actual haunted house attractions.

However if you are into creepy history and haunted houses, this may just be the attraction for you. Their annual haunted house fundraiser opens Friday September 27th & runs every weekend through November 2nd. Click here to get ticketing info.



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