If you want to tour a historic mansion that's been said to be haunted, this is your chance!

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The Historic Hannah Mansion

Located in Indianapolis, Indiana is a mansion that was built in 1858.  The historic Hannah  Mansion or Hannah House has a rich history and has been said to be haunted.


According to the Historic Hannah Mansion's website, urban legends claim the owner of the Hannah House, Alexander Hannah took a strong stance against slavery, and the house was once a part of the Underground Railroad.  Unfortunately, tragedy struck this historic house one winter night.

Now one of the most told urban legend stories of The Historic Hannah Mansion is that one cold winter night, a group of slaves were passing through Indiana as they were making their way to downtown Indianapolis.  They stopped at Hannah Mansion for the night ... then Alexander could take them in for shelter and they would have a safe place for the night.  So, Alexander took them down to the basement and gave them food and water.  As they were laying on beds made of hay, a lantern tipped over and caused a fire in the basement where they were sleeping.  Urban Legend say's that they all passed away that night and since it was winter, Alexander  couldn't give them a proper Christian burial so he had to bury them in ground of the basement at The Historic Hannah Mansion.

There are many claims of paranormal activity in the house, and people who drive by claim to have seen an older man in the window waving as they pass. Could it be the spirit of the late Alexander Hannah?

Take a History Tour of the Historic Hannah Mansion

The Historic Hannah Mansion hosts history tours on the first Sunday of every month.  If you want to take a  history tour the next one will take place on March 5th, 2023. The tours will take place at the Historic Hannah Mansion from 1-4 PM and it's $8 per person to tour.

The Historic Hannah Mansion is open for history tours on the first Sunday of every month from 1pm-4pm and the price is $8.00 per person and 12yrs and younger are free.  It is cash only plus we do have merchandise at the door.

Bud Kelly and Kera Starr are your tour guides at The Historic Hannah Mansion, so we hope to you there !!!

For more information on the historical tours and other events at the Hannah House, be sure to check out their website, here.

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