A haunt with a heart is happening in Tennessee!

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Give Me All the Ghost Stories

Something about me, is I'm always down for a good ghost story.  If something weird happened in your house, I want to hear about it.  If there's an old building that is haunted by an old lady with a grudge against cats. I want to hear about it.  I love the stories behind hauntings.  I've found many ghost stories stem from true history.  Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction, so when I heard of a paranormal convention with an emphasis on history, I knew that sounded right up my alley!


Phantom Paws & Historic Cause Para-Con Coming to Tennessee

On October 22nd, 2022 the Wilson County Fairgrounds in Lebanon, Tennessee will be filled with all things paranormal.   There will be everything from tarot readers, to ghost hunters, to animal rescues, and even some raffles happening throughout the day.


Here is what the Facebook event page for Para-Con says about the event:

Tickets are $10 per person and can be purchased at the door with Cash Only. All tickets are a donation and no refunds.

Come out and join us for this one of a kind Para-Con. Two paranormal Teams have joined together to donation all the funds raised at this convention to 2 great causes - 1 Local Animal Shelter and several Historic Haunted Locations. So if you love animals, history and the paranormal then this convention is for you! Ticket are on sale now.
If you are interested in going to Para-Con you can find the schedule of events, and any updates on the Phantom Paws and Historic Causes Facebook page.

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