It was Hasbro in the Fox studio with the Clue remake.

According to The Tracking Board, a long-in-gestation remake of the 1985 movie Clue (based, in turn, on the perennially popular Parker Brothers board game of the same name) is in development by Hasbro (the owners of the Parker Brothers brand) at 20th Century Fox. The remake was previously in development at Universal:

At the time, Universal was engaged in a six-year exclusive deal with Hasbro to develop game properties into films. Hasbro didn’t walk away from the remake, however, but instead moved forward with developing the idea with Pirates of the Carribean director Gore Verbinski and his shingle, Blind Wink. Verbinski was attached to direct at the time; it is not clear if he is still involved in any capacity with the current incarnation of the project.

Clue is one of the few successful movies based on a board game, probably because unlike most board games Clue had a large cast of characters and an easily adaptable premise (a man in murdered and everyone in the house is a suspect). Directed by Jonathan Lynn, the original film had a great cast including Tim Curry, Michael McKean, Martin Mull, Madeline Kahn, and Christopher Lloyd, and a novel gimmick; Lynn actually shot multiple endings, and different theaters received different versions. (All three possibilities are included on the home video and digital releases.) It wasn’t a blockbuster but it’s become a nostalgic favorite of many children of the 1980s.

Hasbro has been threatening movie versions of games like Candy Land, Hungry Hungry Hippos, and Monopoly for years, but those haven’t materialized. The track record for other board game movies is very spotty. Battleship was a costly flop, but Ouija made enough money to justify a sequel, opening in theaters this October. Clue is a better fit for a movie than any of those titles, so I guess it makes a certain amount of sense to make another. As the first movie showed, you can always replay that scenario with a different ending.

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