If I asked you to describe the official city flag for Evansville, could you do it? Could you tell me if Evansville even has an official flag? The answer to both of those questions is probably NO, at least it is for me. That's why the Evansville Flag Project is so exciting and important.

Back in 2015, an initiative began to design and create a new city flag. The Evansville Flag project was officially launched last year with the goal of letting anyone create and submit a design for what they think Evansville's flag should look like. Everything was running smoothly and the plan was to have the project culminate on August 12, 2020. Then the coronavirus came along and decided to throw a big ol' wrench into the machine and throwing everything off.

We are so excited to share this exciting update about the Evansville Flag Project! Saturday, March 27, 2001 at 8:00 A.M. the Evansville Flag Project will commemorate the City of Evansville’s 209th birthday by announcing the City Peace Tree project - outside of  White Swan Coffee located at 2025 W. Franklin Street. The finalists for Evansville’s Flag Project have been selected. The director will unveil the Evansville Flag Project’s design committee that will be working with the selection committee. 

Can you imagine Evansville only having 442 acres? When Hugh McGary, Jr., founded the City of Evansville on March 27, 1812, that's how small it was. He originally named our city McGary's Landing. I guess that wasn't bringing people in, so he changed it to Evansville in 1817.

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