Every hair stylist I know has posted a message to their social media that apologizes for not being able to cut hair and how they appreciate everyone's patience. It would probably be asy for them to open their homes and work for cash but they are following the rules and doing their part to stop this virus.

Two years ago, I quit coloring my hair altogether and recently I decided to grow it out. I must have had some premonition about just this day because my hair looks pretty much the same as it did months ago. But my husband who keeps it high and tight - he looks like he's got a chia pet growing up there.

Since most hair stylists are considered self-employed, this time can be tough. And though many state governments have opened up employed individuals to file for unemployment, losing day-to-day income can be hard.

But, there's a light. If you are a stylist, you can now apply for a $1000 check from Hairdressers at Heart. They'll be sending out 230 checks to those in need.

Licensed professional hairstylists and nail techs to salon owners and educators, can apply to receive one of 230 relief checks totaling up to $1,000 each to assist in their pandemic relief and recovery.

No matter your needs or your story, we’re here to help rebuild our industry. By uplifting one another in this time of need, we believe we will come out even stronger on the other side with #HAHDisasterRelief. Together, we’ll make it through. Together, we can.

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