When you travel anywhere, you like to eat at cool places right? I know I do. I mean, the fast food joints are fine if you need to keep moving and get on down the road.

But when I get to my destination, I like my dining experiences to be special, unique to the location.

In other words, if we have one here I don't want to patronize it there.

Well we don't have a Guy Fieri restaurant here, so I will happily patronize it THERE...whenever it gets there.

And by "there," I mean Gatlinburg and Nashville. There will also be locations in Knoxville and Johnson City.

WKRN-Nashville tells us that the first phase of the movement of Chicken Guy! into the Tennessee market will begin with Music City.

It will open in 2020 on 2nd and Commerce in downtown Nashville, about a block off Broadway not too far from the river.

The arrival time of the other restaurants has not been announced.

It's such a natural fit for Fieri. He's been on countless occasions and I'm sure even HE thought it was long past time to set up shop in the Volunteer State.

And so he will. And soon. And I can't wait...

...to sink my teeth into a Bourbon Brown Sugar BBQ Sandwich or a Big Bite B.L.A.T.

Please hurry, Guy.


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