If the rumors are true and there really is a big box devoted to Guns N' Roses' Appetite for Destruction LP on the way, we might already have a pretty good idea of which early recordings to expect in the track listing.

While it remains to be seen exactly what will end up on the rumored box — or even if it will actually come out, because nothing can be taken for granted where GNR are concerned — early word suggests it'll contain demos the band worked on in 1986 at the famed Sound City studio, and as with so many demos and bootlegs that were once the exclusive domain of hardcore collectors with great connections, these recordings have already entered circulation.

As outlined in this RecordMecca listing, a tape from the sessions — described as "incredibly rare" and, naturally, already sold — collects two dozen recordings from the Sound City sessions. Originally owned by publicist Bryn Bridenthal, the cassette presumably offers a pretty good idea of what to expect from that era on the Appetite box.

For completists, the idea of owning professionally mastered versions of the Sound City demos is appealing for obvious reasons, but they should also open an illuminating window into the earliest days of what would become one of the world's biggest — and, eventually, most sonically fastidious — rock bands.

Unlike a lot of early recordings, they may even boast a bit of polish despite their relatively humble origins; as bassist Duff McKagan later recalled of their sound in their first practice space, "We rehearsed a lot of hours ... our shitty gear sounded magical, clear and huge." Check out a complete track listing for the Sound City demo tape below.

Guns N' Roses 1986 Sound City Demos
"Think About You"
"Welcome to the Jungle" (with false start)
"Don’t Cry"
"Nice Boys"
"Back Off Bitch"
"Anything Goes"
"Mama Kin"
"Heartbreak Hotel"
"Jumping Jack Flash"
"Jumping Jack Flash" (acoustic jam)
"Nightrain – East Coast Junkie"
"Think About You" (partial)
"Out Ta Get Me"
"Rocket Queen"
"My Michelle"
"You’re Crazy"
"Paradise City"
"Move to the City"
"November Rain"
"Shadow of Your Love"
"Reckless Life"
"Rocket Queen" (partial)

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