Grab your spoons and get ready to get your Cajun on! The Annual Gumbo Cookoff is back on Evansville's West Franklin Street for 2022.

Gumbo is Back on Franklin Street

Last year in 2021 we saw the cancellation of so many amazing events and fundraisers and one that I have to admit, I really missed was the Gumbo Cookoff on Franklin Street.

I have had the honor of being a celebrity guest judge for almost every one of the annual gumbo cookoffs down on Franklin Street and I am excited to see it make its return in 2022. It is truly one of my favorite events in the city.

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What Is the Gumbo Cookoff?

So what exactly is the gumbo cookoff on Franklin? The various businesses, bars, and restaurants along Franklin Street partner up with various nonprofits from our community to serve up delicious and delectable gumbo.

Supporting Nonprofits Never Tasted So Good

Each location and each nonprofit has its own recipe that it brings to the cookoff. Some are spicy and some are mild. Some have seafood and crawfish while others are made with pork, chicken, sausage - or some combination of the three. You will even find some served over rice and others served without it.

You are also going to find a lot of folks who enjoy celebrating Mardi Gras and just enjoying some yummy gumbo. One of the really cool things about the gumbo cookoff, in my opinion, is the commemorative mugs.

How Much Does It Cost to Sample the Gumbo?

Your $20 ticket to gumbo isn't really a ticket at all. It is actually a commemorative mug that you will use to enjoy your gumbo from. The restaurants and nonprofits will ladle their gumbo into your mug and you can try them all! In fact, it is encouraged that you do just that.

A word of advice, bring your own spoon and get there early. The event begins at 1 pm and if you want to be sure that you get to try as many of the different gumbos as you can before some of them start to run out, I suggest you get there early.

BYOS - Bring Your Own Spoon

Now, let's talk about that BYOS - bring your own spoon. The first year they handed out plastic spoons but they realized the tremendous amount of waste that was creating so the BYOS method was adopted. In years past, if you forget to bring your own, you could purchase one for a small price with the proceeds going to the Franklin Street Events Association.

How Do I Get a Commemorative Mug of My Own?

The 8th Annual Gumbo Cookoff is happening on Franklin Street on Saturday, February 19, 2022, beginning at 1 pm. The cost of a mug is just $20 and the money from those go back to our area nonprofits. You can purchase your mug in advance here and then pick it up at either Lamasco Bar and Grill or Thyme in the Kitchen.

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