After decades of loudly outspoken progressive politics from the band members, it's hard to imagine that there's more than a thin sliver of overlap between Green Day fans and supporters of the Trump administration. But to those who do exist — and make a habit of scrolling through the group's social media feeds — frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has no problem telling them to find a new band to follow.

As previously reported, Armstrong recently used his Instagram account to call for impeachment proceedings against the president. Disturbed by Trump's Twitter taunts against North Korean leader Kim Jong-un — particularly a tweet in which Trump boasted that his "Nuclear Button" was "bigger & more powerful" — Armstrong urged his followers to share messages with the #impeachtrump hashtag.

"This isn’t funny. This is our president acting like a madman drunk on power THREATENING to kill innocent starving people by way of nuclear war," wrote Armstrong. "This man is sick and unfit for office. I don’t care if your [sic] liberal or conservative.. this has to stop."

Naturally, some Instagram users saw this as an open invitation to debate regarding the merits of Trump's policies — a notion that, as screenshots gathered by the Green Day Authority fansite demonstrate, Armstrong was more than willing to shut down.

One commenter made an attempt to justify Trump's remarks by arguing that Kim Jong-un "literally made the same threat hours before," noting that the North Korean dictator "is the reason all those innocent people are starving" while he "threatens the rest of the world" and maintains "active death camps." All of which evidently take a back seat to the threat of nuclear war for Armstrong, who issued a profane rebuttal.

"Go f--- yourself you f---ing keyboard coward," reads his response. "You don't know what the f--- you're talking about. No one is coming for you you paranoid fool. This is your president making threats of mass destruction. Wake up or get the f--- off my Instagram."

Another user tried arguing that Armstrong's well-known liberal leanings made it easy for conservative followers to dismiss his comments out of hand. "I hate to sound like a dick Billie but you are liberal," reads their comment. "People have the right to support Trump and whatever you say won't change anything to Trump supporters."

"Well then go f--- your self you stupid piece of s---," responded Armstrong. "If that's the way you feel about mass destruction and murder then f--- off. Stay the f--- off my Instagram and don't come back. Don't listen to my f---ing records. I have no problem telling ignorant f---s like you to go to hell. That goes for any other stupid f---s that thinks this behavior should be normalized. Get the f--- out!"

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