Good news for Kentuckians. You'll be able to renew your driver's license online. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is making the licensing process easier for all residents. Here's how to apply.

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet/Facebook
Kentucky Transportation Cabinet/Facebook

Any standard, REAL ID driver’s licenses, and motorcycle licenses can be renewed online, as long as your address and name remain the same as the new policy takes place throughout The Commonwealth. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet made the announcement this morning on social media. This is going to make it so much more convenient to renew your license right at your fingertips!

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Renewal Information

- To renew online, all personal information listed on your current license must not have changed (name, address, license class) and you will receive the same card version you currently have (i.e., renew current standard license for another standard license).
- Online renewal is only available for license renewals. License replacements (lost/stolen) cannot be accepted online at this time.
- Applicant must use a valid Visa, MasterCard, or American Express (debit or credit cards can be used). A small processing fee will be collected for online renewals. (1.5% for debit cards and 2.75% for credit cards). If your application is not approved, your card will not be charged.
- Applicants may renew online up to 6 months before the license expiration date or up to one year past the expiration date on your license.
- Once your application has been approved by the Transportation Cabinet, your credential will be mailed to the address we have on file. You will verify your address during the application process.
- At this time, applicants will receive the same renewal lifespan as their current card. -That means if your current license expires every 4 years, you will receive the same 4-year lifespan when renewing online.

Renewal Exceptions:

- Commercial Driver's Licenses (CDLs) cannot be renewed online.
- Non-US citizens cannot renew driver's licenses online due to visa updates.
- Under 21 licenses (Vertical Format) cannot be renewed online.

This indeed is great news!

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