Currently congress has a 15% approval rating. With the government, it seems they can't get anything done, or get anything right. So its refreshing to see when they finally hit something on the head. And this week, it happened in New Jersey.

Oh yes, New Jersey. The state full of douchebags and trash. Well that is if you're watching a television. Thanks mostly due to the collective pool of human genetic waste known as Jersey Shore. And up until today, New Jersey residents almost had to foot the bill for the show's production.

The state Economic Development Authority recently approved a $420,000 tax credit for production costs associated with filming of Jersey Shore in 2009. That's right. Our bridges and highways are falling apart, but the government can afford a 'Snooki Subsidy'. Unemployment is 9%, but those government douchebags wanted to give more money so that those talent-less asshats could keep on filming.

That was, until New Jersey Governor Chris Christie stepped in. Today he effectively vetoed the measure. While I don't always agree with what Christie does (for instance taking a state helicopter to his son's baseball game, then hired a limo to drive him 100 yards from the chopper to the field), he finally got something right.

He called the show an embarrassment to the state. This is the latest in a string of entities trying to distance themselves from the douchebags of the shore. Back in August clothing retailer, Abercrombie and Fitch, asked Jersey Shore cast members to stop wearing their clothing on the show. They said it created a negative image of their company. Apparently you have to be half naked and anorexic to wear their clothing.

And just in time too! This past weekend I witnessed three guido wannabes at Wal Mart. They were probably around 15, complete fake tans and hair that had congealed in to a single mass. The kids weren't even Italian. I should know, because I'm of Italian descent, and we have a secret handshake. If this is our hope for the future, I'd like off the planet now.

Jersey Shore and it producers should be ashamed. So should the viewers. We shouldn't honor the cast of that show with money and 'acting offers'. They should be imprisoned at Gitmo with everyone else who is threat to the American way of life.

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