When I first moved to Indiana, I was surprised to learn that I had to take my written driving test to get a license here. First off, that's dumb. Kentucky was perfectly capable of issuing me a license when I was 16. Secondly, I learned quickly that the BMV wait times can be brutal. I felt like Beetlejuice in death's waiting room when he gets the ticket that reads 9,998,383,750,000.

But, this past year, I discovered the Boonville BMV. Life got a little better that day. I walked right in to an open chair. BOOM. Now, it just so happens that you can check BMV wait times through their handy, dandy website app. Just go to this page, put in your county, city, or zip, and then when your BMV comes up, click the plus sign and you can check the wait time.

So, easy! You are welcome!

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