Bad news, it's not some cool planetary alignment situation.

May we all remember the special day we logged onto social media and saw photos of people's brooms standing up all on their own.  It seems like everyone I know was sharing photos of their broom. Heck, my husband and I even tried it to see if it works.

According to many of the Facebook posts, NASA said that there was a special planetary alignment that allowed this to happen.  However, NASA never said that, and the brooms standing on their own has nothing to do with planetary alignments. It has everything to do with the broom's center of gravity.  A broom's center of gravity is the pole, and if you stand up the bristles in such a way that they form a tri-pod, the broom will stand freely. That is until your dog knocks it over and scares himself haha!

The good news is, you learned a fun new party trick you can use any day of the year, and I'd rather see photos of brooms in my newsfeed rather than politics any day, so happy broom standing!

CNN actually debunked the planetary alignment theory 7 years ago, check out their debunking video.

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