Godsmack's frontman Sully Erna called out celebrities for offering medical advice during the pandemic in an interview with Mindy Novotny of the Milwaukee radio station 102.9 The Hog. You can listen to the full interview below.

While many celebrities, musicians included, have been advocating for people to get the Coronavirus vaccine, Erna had a different idea.

"I get paid to be an entertainer," Erna says. "That's the position I've chosen. So I'll focus on entertaining, making people smile, healing people through music. And anybody else that's out there in a celebrity status that's pushing people one way or the other when you have no experience as a medical expert or a politician, my advice is shut up and let people live their lives because you don't know the consequences when you push them one way or the other. So why don't you just do what you're great at and entertain, because that's what you are."

Erna also recently moved Godsmack's studio from Massachusetts to Florida to finish their latest album. The move appears to have been heavily influenced by the pandemic. He spoke about his decision to relocate in a video interview in April.

"I bought a property down in Florida recently because I just wanted to get away from all this nonsense that is going around the country. I don't wanna go down that whole conversation right now, but I've learned a lot from this whole political nonsense and crap that's happened with COVID about just people and the way everyone's behaved during it. And I just wanted to kind of check out for a little bit and go focus on myself, my life, my family and my band, who is doing great, by the way." [via Blabbermouth]

Sully Erna Interview With 102.9 The Hog

Godsmack's last album, When Legends Rise, came out in 2018. It has now been certified gold by the RIAA.

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