What can I say? I'm a sucker for covers. So Godsmack's latest album, "Live And Inspired", is something I have been rocking on my iPod for a couple of months now. And now the band is taking us in the studio to see the recording of a track for that album.

If you have been listening then you have probably caught the band's cover of Joe Walsh's "Rocky Mountain Way". While that will rank pretty highly for tracks I like on the "Inspired" side of the album, my favorite track has to be the cover of The Beatles' "Come Together".

Director Ian Barrett went in to the studio with the band to film the actual recording of the track. Barrett says that most bands will record the track, then lip sync for the "recording of" video. However, this video is not faked and Sully is actually performing for the album.

Barrett used different cuts, and even went outside to film the area around the recording studio. Check out the video below.

A side of trivia for you: The Beatles shirt that the drummer was wearing, was a freak occurence. No one, but Sully, had any idea what they were recording that day.

What is your favorite track off of "Live and Inspired"? What other songs do you think are dying for a rock makeover? Let me know below!