Ginger is a beautiful young pup who has been spayed, and she came to the shelter in April of this year. She is a big girl already at 8 months old, and she isn't done growing yet. Here's what PC Pound Puppies have to say about Ginger:

We believe she is a Dane mix so she will be a very large dog so please take that into consideration before applying to adopt. *PLEASE don’t be that person who returns her because “she got too big”*She’s big now and going to get bigger! She is a huge puppy! A pup who had zero house skills before coming into her foster home but she is so smart and is learning quickly! Ginger would do best in a home with another dog who loves to play. If you have another dog who is lower key or a couch potato she will drive them nuts and the relationship isn’t going to work. If you do not have another dog then you seriously need to be prepared to run around the yard with this girl every day and play, play, play! She loves toys and cant wait to chase a ball but hasn’t figured out to bring it back yet. Ginger loves everyone she meets, dogs and people. She absolutely loves to be with her people! She’s a face licker so be ready! She is still a pup and will unknowingly knock down small children so no one under 10 please. We prefer a fenced yard where she can stretch her legs but going on walks to explore the world are still a must. She can climb a chain link fence no matter the height. Ginger is crate and house trained but due to her age she can only “hold it” for about 8 hours. Anything longer than that and you will come home to a puddle. She is currently sleeping in bed with her foster mom and will lick her in the face to wake her if she needs to go out at night. She likes to “spoon” at night. She may move a little in the bed but still wants to be touching you. If you don’t want to have her sleeping with you at night then you can have that conversation. On a serious note, Ginger is a deep chested dog and along with that comes an increased predisposition to bloat. It’s a serious and life threatening disease. Please, if you are serious about Ginger, educate yourself on bloat, feeding and how to spot it if it’s happening to your dog. Ginger will absolutely be a joy to have in your family.

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