The term "GIF" (pronounced with a 'J' sound) is an acronym for "Graphics Interchange Format"...whatever the hell that means. To you and me a GIF is usually a whacky little image or video clip that is a continuous loop...usually with no sound. But what if there were sound? Would it be funny? Yep!

Realize that there are a million "GIF's with sound" videos out there, so feel free to spend the rest of the afternoon looking for them. Some of them are probably funnier than this one. This is a video I simply came across today and it made me giggle...and I'm not selfish, I like to share my giggles.

"I'm a bird muthaf*#ka I'm a bird!" You'll see what I'm talking about at 1:50...and if you have any sense, you will laugh out loud. And you should be laughing continuously from 3:16 through the end. Good day.