"Ghost is just Weezer for the goth kids." That's how one Twitter user summarized a rock music comparison that's turned viral this month. "Ghost is Weezer for goth women," mused another music fan. And those tweets are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this trend.

It was all seemingly started by a TikTok comment that opined the same thing. Now, Twitter is full of music fans pontificating on Ghost as the goth Weezer. Of course, plenty of others are wondering how the trend even materialized in the first place. And then there's one creative fan who capitulated on the viral nature of the idea with a Ghost and Weezer song mashup that they had previously created.

See more tweets and hear the mashup below.

Even before the viral trend of comparing the two rock artists emerged, Weezer and Ghost were already showing some similarities to each other. Last year, both recorded their own versions of the classic metal song "Enter Sandman" for Metallica's The Metallica Blacklist covers album — even though Ghost are a theatrical heavy rock band and Weezer are a nerdy alt-rock group.

This month, the Ghost-Weezer mashup making the rounds takes music from Ghost's blasphemous 2019 single "Mary on a Cross" and puts it under Weezer's vocals from their acerbic 1994 hit "Buddy Holly."

In March, the Tobias Forge-led Ghost released their fifth studio album, IMPERA. It features singles such as "Twenties," "Call Me Little Sunshine" and "Hunter's Moon."

In February, Weezer celebrated 30 years as a band. The Rivers Cuomo-fronted act is now in the middle of a four-EP release spree with their ongoing SZNS project.

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