The loss of a loved one is always one of the hardest things we have to deal with in our lives. And, since our pets are as much a part of our family as any person, the loss is just as devastating. But, what if, like with people there might be a chance they never leave us, but continue to comfort and guard us even in death.

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Right before I sat down to write this article, my daughter called to tell me that her dog, Rosie, my very first granddog, had just passed away. I just started sobbing. It hurt my heart so much that she was gone. Even though I got to see her recently, I wished I had spent more time playing with and loving on her. She was THE best dog.

Deana Conner

Granted, Rosie was very old and died very peacefully in her back yard, laying in her favorite spot watching her dog brother, Goose, digging holes. But it didn't make it any easier to say goodbye.

My very wise and extremely secure, outspoken, and confident five-year-old granddaughter told me not to be sad because Rosie would always be with us. She wasn't crying like me, she was happy that wherever she would go in her life and whatever age she was, Rosie would be there with her. Unlike when she would come to spend the weekend in Kentucky and have to leave Rosie at home with her mm and dad, now Rosie would never leave her side. She told me that Rosie's angel would watch over her, always.

What if our dogs continue to be with us and by our side even in death? And, what if sometimes, if you are lucky, you can hear their bark in the distance, feel them curled up at the foot of the bed, catch a glimpse of them in the clouds, or see them in the flames of your bonfire?

That is exactly what happened to Karen and it touched my heart. Here is her photo and her story of the ghostly image of her dog in the flames.

I was sending this pic to a friend and just noticed the image of another Basenji in the flames. Robert is holding Pooper and very definitely you can see the outline of another Basenji staring at Robert and Pooper. Wonder if it was one of our other Basenji kids that came back to share the fire with us that evening. 

Karen Cantrell Reed/Facebook

As I said we never noticed it before and that was last fall. I was emailing it to a lady to show her one of our Basenjis as we were going the next day to pick up a Dobe puppy from her (I had one back in the '80s and had been wanting another) and that's when we noticed it. It is such a clear image and I am very skeptical of photo images of clouds, fires, trees, etc. and always believe there is an explanation and often you can shape something to fit your imagination. This was so clear though.

Karen Cantrell Reed/Facebook

We lost one Basenji girl we had had for 12 years that fall and she and the one my husband is holding were best buddies. As said, I look to make a logical case first and most times can, this time not so much. If it was our Tassie she would be flattered to receive such attention.

I hope that, just like the spirits of people who strangely show up in photos, our dogs are always right there with us too. There is so much we don't know about what happens to a soul once it passes from this life. But, it gives me comfort to know that Rosie might be at all of our family get-togethers.

I dedicate this article to the sweet souls of Rosie and Tassie, who blessed our lives with their unconditional love in life and hopefully death too.

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