Aside from Ghost's songwriting, a large portion of their appeal lies in what they do in a live setting. To this end, it's only natural that Ghost would bring their live show to everyone possible, and they have now announced their upcoming live album Ceremony and Devotion.

As of yet there is no concrete release date or knowledge of what day this will be from, though it's tentatively expected to be sometime in January 2018. There is however, official artwork for the record, reported in Sweden Rock Magazine which can be checked out below.

Ceremony and Devotion is not the only album from Ghost that might be released, as frontman Tobias Forge spoke earlier this year about a new album for 2018 being imminent. "We've been in the studio for about a month now. And by the end of the year, if everything goes according to plan -- knock, knock -- we're gonna have a new album, not out, but we're gonna have a new [album] recorded and mixed and delivered," explained the vocalist.

He went on to add, "Hopefully that means that we're gonna have a new album out by April, possibly, hopefully."

Given that there's a "new" Papa Emeritus being introduced for the upcoming disc, it's expected that the "Papa" on the live disc will be from a previous iteration. At a recent show in Gothenburg, Sweden, Papa Emeritus III was hauled off stage by two men in suits at the end of their encore for "Monstrance Clock." Afterwards, a feeble old man in Papa's outfit appeared onstage, saying "I am Papa Emeritus Zero. The party is over and now a new era begins. The Middle Ages begin now,"

Time will tell, as the group is shrouded in mystery. Check the art below.


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